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EDSN 28.03.17        Carlos Aponte in El Libertador, no. 17 (Venezuela)



El Libertador, No. 17, Venezuela

From Sandino's Camp:
My Esteemed and Respected Friend:
     Today, after ten days of walking through the mountains, we have succeeded in joining the patriotic army of General Sandino.  I have observed attentively everything relating to our holy cause, Liberty, and I wish to give you certain facts which I am sure you are in ignorance of.  In regard to the hostility of the Government of Honduras, I may say, as I said in my previous letter, that the pressure becomes greater every day, and in spite of having been but a few days in Tegucigalpa, I am convinced that everything that is done there is by the direct order of the American Minister, since I gained the impression that he is of the same type as Adolfo Díaz.  I think it might be advisable to inaugurate a sufficiently energetic campaign through the press to make known his shamelessness throughout America.
     Regarding the horrors perpetrated by the American pirates, I wish to say that wherever I have been nothing is heard but laments and the hatred of the people has been aroused by the enormities committed by these human beasts in defenseless towns and villages.  For all that they are good for is to burn, rape, and murder all who are partisans of the noble cause defended by the invincible General Sandino, who every day becomes stronger, as witness a battle which took place nineteen days ago at a point known as 'El Bramadero', where the Marines lost seven hundred men and a large number of guns and shells.  It is necessary to see the organization of this army to know that the reason why these soldiers triumph is that their one interest is the ideal of liberty.  Frequently from eight to ten Marines are killed, and their provisions and equipment taken, but since the number is insignificant and the fact is very generally known, these small triumphs are not taken into account.
     In the camp I have noticed only that harmony which is alone met with where reign the principles and sacred duty of defending one's native land.  The General is of the same frank and generous type as the dwellers in our Venezuelan plains.  He is loved and admired by all for his courage and for his manner; one dwells in an atmosphere of pleasing familiarity.  The only thing that is lacking is that which you are sending, and which it is hoped will be sent frequently.
     Don Froylán Turcios has instructions from the General to represent him in everything, since he is more in touch than any other with everything relating to the Cause. . . . The triumph is ours.  The only thing that the Marines accomplish is to supply us with equipment and food.  Every day the army increases in size, and of course the General has reserves of arms.  There is great optimism here -- and why not, when we are bound to win?  The boys, when they hear that the 'Gringos' are near, get ready to enjoy themselves, because they know that they will soon have good Camel cigarettes, khaki trousers and much other useful equipment.  I will keep you informed of everything here. Send periodicals and keep me fully informed.  You may write to me through the channels known to you.
Greetings to all and an embrace to you and other friends.
/s/  Carlos Aponte



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source:  English only.  Office of Naval Intelligence, Trans by EWB, 6 July 1928.  El Libertador No. 17, April 1928.  RG127/206/1







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