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book / libro homepage

     This is a placeholder homepage for what is envisioned as a portal to repositories of materials relating to book projects.  At present two such projects are in progress.  One has the working title, The Sandino Rebellion:  Empire-Making, Social Revolution, and Counterinsurgency in Las Segovias, Nicaragua, 1927-1934.  A second is provisionally titled Los Voluntarios:  A Failed Counterinsurgency Experiment of the US Marines in the Mountains of Northern Nicaragua, 1927-1932.   It is envisioned that this portal-in-waiting will serve as a gateway to the online, digital "half" of these hybrid print-web books ó volumes published in hard-copy by a university press, linked organically to materials to be housed in these pages.  The plan is for reader friendly, easy to navigate chapter-by-chapter dialogues with the printed books that will include photos, maps, explanatory notes and references, links to related materials, and more extended discussions of key topics.  That is the plan.  (Because as all students of Mexican history and of history in general know, if you're hoping to spearhead a revolution, you've got to have a plan.)