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el ejÉrcito defensor de la soberanÍa nacional de nicaragua  (defending Army of nicaraguan national soverEIgnty)

Estas páginas están enfocadas en el Ejército Defensor de la Soberanía Nacional de Nicaragua (EDSN)


  THIS IS THE HOMEPAGE  for the "Tiempo / Time" section of these EDSN webpages, which focus on processes that transformed over time.  It introduces the following 11 collections of materials, organized by category & theme:   |||  ESTA ES LA PÁGINA PRINCIPAL  de la sección "Tiempo / Time" de estas páginas EDSN, que enfoca en procesos que transformaba a través del tiempo.  Presenta las siguientes once colecciones de materiales, organizadas por categoría y tema:


Subaltern Grievances & Aspirations.   What grievances & aspirations were harbored by subaltern members of the EDSN?  What impelled ordinary people to join with or support the rebel movement?   


Beliefs, Ideals, Narratives.    What beliefs motivated people to support or join the rebel movement, what narratives did they develop to make sense of what was happening, and how did these beliefs & narratives change over time?


Identity, Community, Authority.   What forms of identitiy, community, and authority did members of the EDSN develop, and how did these change over time?


Size & Distribution.   How big was the rebel movement?  How much of the country did it encompass?  How did that size & distribution change over time?


Material Resources.   How did the EDSN acquire the material resources needed to pay for war?   How did these material dynamics with respect to property, money, and the monied classes change over time?  What ripple effects did these processes have in time & space?  This figures to be one of the most important sections of this website. 


Information Flows.   How did the EDSN control or influence flows of information during the war against the Marines & Guardia, and how did these information flows, and the war over information, change over time?


Tactics.   What tactics, military & otherwise, did the EDSN develop in order to wage war against the Marines & Guardia and the Nicaraguan government (e.g., spreading false information; undermining the electoral process; ambushing enemy patrols), and how did these tactics change over time?


Relationship with the US Marines.   What was the nature of the relationship between the EDSN and the US Marines, and how did this relationship change over time?


Relationship with the Guardia Nacional.   What was the nature of the relationship between the EDSN and the Guardia Nacional, and how did this relationship change over time?


Relationship with Civilians.   What was the nature of the relationship between the EDSN and different groups of civilians — including campesinos, small proprietors, rural dwellers, townsfolk, members of comunidades indigenas, ranchers & coffee growers, foreign immigrants & more — and how did these relationships change over time?


Eradication & Legacy.   What was the process by which the EDSN was eradicated militarily after Sandino's assassination in February 1934?  How did the Somocista state seek to eradicate memories of Sandino & the EDSN in the cultural domain?  Finally, what kind of legacy did the EDSN bequeath to subsequent generations of Nicaraguans?


These pages are in progress.   |||   Estas páginas están en progreso.