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U.S.M.C. Private first class William E. PLOCHARSKI COLLECTION, p. 4
P. F. C.    W I L L I A M    E.    P L O C H A R S K I    C O L L E C T I O N


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   This is the fourth webpage of photographs from the collection of Private First Class William Edward Plocharski / Planter of the US Marine Corps, who took these photos during his deployment in Las Segovias, Nicaragua, over a period of two years, from January 1928 to December 1929.

     The larger photos were scanned in high resolution (600 dpi).  The smaller photos (of individual pages of the photo album) were taken at lower resolution but show the captions, and for that reason are included here.  For a full high-resolution image of each photo, click on the thumbnail image on the right-hand side of each Photo ID banner.

     This collection has never been published anywhere else.  I first learned of it in January 2018 thanks to the kind courtesy of Private Plocharski's (Mr. Planter's) daughter, Patricia Barrow of Houston, Texas. I thank Patricia Barrow and her family for their generosity in making these photographs available and permitting their publication here. 

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P4.01   •    "Out in the Hills"

Caption:  "Out in the Hills"

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P4.02    •    Silhouette of Pvt. Bulger on guard

Caption:  "On Guard Pvt. Bulger"

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P4.03   •    Pvt. Bulger posing

Caption:  "Pvt. Bulger"

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P4.04    •    Ococona (near the Honduran border)

Caption:  "Ococona Nic. Once A Bandit Hangout".  

Ococona lay in the far northwestern Segovias near the Honduran border, north of Macuelizo and east of Santa María.

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P4.05   •    Patrolling near the Honduran border

Caption:  "Near Border Line"

On patrol near the Honduran border in the far northwestern Segovias.  Captures the district's relatively open, undulating landscape marked by large pine trees and sparse underbrush.

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P4.06   •    "Starting on a new Day"

Caption:  "Starting on a new Day."

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P4.07    •    "Tractors in Ocotal"

Caption:  "Tractors in Ocotal."

Who knew?  What would you do with a tractor in the Ocotal district?

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P4.08    •   "Some of the Boys," Ocotal, May 1929

Caption:  "Ocotal Nic. May 20 1929 Some of the Boys."

Sixteen Marines pose for the camera.

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P4.09    •    San Fernando (east of Ocotal)

Caption:  "San Fernando Nic."

Clustered under the shade of trees wrapped with what looks like white protective covering, Marines hang out with what appears to be local children, some apparently seated along the exterior of the white building.  Equipment and supplies, including large covered metal drums, are lined up at lower right, with what looks to be a local boy and pile of dirt next to the building.  A US flag hangs limp.

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P4.10    •    San Fernando

Caption:  "San Fernando Nic." 

With the fluttering US flag at dead center, the slow pace and scale of the people, the perspective of the receding street and red-tile roofs, and the forested background melding into the obscure fogginess beyond, this is a lovely and beautifully composed photograph.

P. F. C.    W I L L I A M    E.    P L O C H A R S K I    C O L L E C T I O N


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