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U.S.M.C. Private first class William E. PLOCHARSKI COLLECTION, p. 9
P. F. C.    W I L L I A M    E.    P L O C H A R S K I    C O L L E C T I O N


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   This is the ninth webpage of photographs from the collection of Private First Class William Edward Plocharski / Planter of the US Marine Corps, who took these photos during his deployment in Las Segovias, Nicaragua, over a period of two years, from January 1928 to December 1929.

     The larger photos were scanned in high resolution (600 dpi).  The smaller photos (of individual pages of the photo album) were taken at lower resolution but show the captions, and for that reason are included here.  For a full high-resolution image of each photo, click on the thumbnail image on the right-hand side of each Photo ID banner.

     This collection has never been published anywhere else.  I first learned of it in January 2018 thanks to the kind courtesy of Private Plocharski's (Mr. Planter's) daughter, Patricia Barrow of Houston, Texas. I thank Patricia Barrow and her family for their generosity in making these photographs available and permitting their publication here.

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P9.01    •    Pvt. Mau hunting for deer

Caption: "Out hunting for Deer. Pvt. Mau"

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P9.02    •    "Fokker bringing rations to Jalapa"

Caption:  "Fokker bringing rations to Jalapa"

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P9.03    •    Fokker in Jalapa taking off for Managua


Caption:  "[Fokker] taking off to Managua [from Jalapa]."

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P9.04    •    "A banana patch"


Caption:  "A banana patch"

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P9.05    •    USMC PFC William Sutherland

Caption:  "Wm. Sutherland"

Standing in the same spot as PFC Plocharski was standing in the same pose for his photo (Photo P10.03), suggesting that they swapped the camera & took pictures of each other.

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P9.06    •    La Loma, Managua

Caption:  "La Loma", Managua.

A guard sits at the doorway of the building at the end of the street, with the military fortress called La Loma ("The Hill") looming above, the historic seat of the military power of the national state, such as it was up to this point in Nicaraguan history. 

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P9.07    •    Marines cleaning up equipment, Matagalpa, Dec. 1928

Caption:  "Matagalpa Nic. Dec 12 1928. Cleaning up the Equipment left to right Sutherland, Brott, Nuert, Wacker, Newkirk, Peterson, Pomerin Rose, Hataway and Ski."

A marvelous moment, captured in a high quality, high resolution photo showing a brief pause in ongoing work, with a dozen men pausing to pose -- sort of pose -- for the photo.  All the men pause to look directly at the photographer, except one, who bends over to point his butt directly into the camera.

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P9.08    •    River patrol, Río Coco

Caption:  "River Patrol in Rio Co Co"

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P9.09    •    Street scene, Matagalpa

No caption (street scene, probably Matagalpa, on an album page opposite a colorized photo of Matagalpa).

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P9.10    •     Matagalpa (probably)

No caption.  Very probably Matagalpa.

P. F. C.    W I L L I A M    E.    P L O C H A R S K I    C O L L E C T I O N


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