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U.S.M.C. Private first class William E. PLOCHARSKI COLLECTION, p. 5
P. F. C.    W I L L I A M    E.    P L O C H A R S K I    C O L L E C T I O N


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   This is the fifth webpage of photographs from the collection of Private First Class William Edward Plocharski / Planter of the US Marine Corps, who took these photos during his deployment in Las Segovias, Nicaragua, over a period of two years, from January 1928 to December 1929.   

     The larger photos were scanned in high resolution (600 dpi).  The smaller photos (of individual pages of the photo album) were taken at lower resolution but show the captions, and for that reason are included here.  For a full high-resolution image of each photo, click on the thumbnail image on the right-hand side of each Photo ID banner.

     This collection has never been published anywhere else.  I first learned of it in January 2018 thanks to the kind courtesy of Private Plocharski's (Mr. Planter's) daughter, Patricia Barrow of Houston, Texas. I thank Patricia Barrow and her family for their generosity in making these photographs available and permitting their publication here. 

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P5.01   •   "Pvt. Heitzman and his Friends"

Caption:  "Pvt. Heitzman and his Friends."

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P5.02    •    Ocotal Guard House, July 1928

Caption:  "Ocotal Nic. July 9 1928 Guard House, and the First Big Battle was Staged here." 

Below: detail of the three people in the photo:  a Marine, a barefoot boy shading his eyes, and a local man leaning against the doorway:

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P5.03   •    Paved Street in Managua

Caption:  "Managua, Nic. The only Paved Street in Nicaragua." 

Below: detail of people in the street:

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P5.04    •    Marines bathing in arroyo in Ococona

Caption:  "Ococona Nic." (on Ococona, see Photo P4.04 [4th photo on p. 4 of this collection]). 

Below:  two men bathe under a waterfall.

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P5.05   •   Bathing spot in arroyo in Ococona

No caption. 

Looks like a different angle of the bathing spot in the arroyo in Ococona pictured above.  Is that a Lewis Machine Gun propped up on the rocks?

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P5.06    •    "Bath a la rock"

Caption:  "Bath A la Rock."

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P5.07    •    "Camping near Ocotal," May 1929

Caption:  "May 24 1929. Camping near Ocotal Nic."

Two Marines stand butt naked along a dirt trail, while others are seated or lay down in the partial shade of what looks like a small banana grove.

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P5.08    •    Marine in Ocotal

Caption:  "Ocotal Nic."

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P5.09   •   Pvts. Small, Hiebsz & Rogers, El Jícaro, May 1929

Caption:  "Jicaro Nic. May 26 1929. Pvt. Small Hiebsz, Rogers."

Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P5.10   •   Marines with Browning Machine Gun, Estelí, Feb. 1928

Caption:  "Esteli Nic. Feb 22 1928." 

A formiddable looking machine gun takes aim at the camera in the street in front of the Marine barracks in Estelí, while barefoot children hang out near the doorway.  According to Charlie Justmann at Checkpoint Charlies Antique Firearms, the photo shows a "Browning Model 1917 .30-06 belt-fed, water-cooled heavy machine gun on its tripod with a loaded belt of ammo and wooden ammo box, with the water-can attached."  Thank you, Charlie, for sharing your expertise!


Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P5.11    •    "Water House" on Lake Managua


Caption:  "Managua Nic. Water House."


Photo ID:  Readers - Plocharski - P5.12    •    "River Ration Patrol"


Caption:  "River Ration Patrol."


P. F. C.    W I L L I A M    E.    P L O C H A R S K I    C O L L E C T I O N


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