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Photo Cluster USNA1-3.1.   The Matagalpa-Jinotega road.

Above:  First photo caption:  "Jinotega-Matagalpa road ½ mile west of Matagalpa."  Second photo caption:  "Matagalpa-Jinotega road looking North."  Third photo caption:  "Jinotega-Matagalpa road approaching Jinotega."  Probably to promote investment in its improvement, the Marines took pains to photograph the rough, rocky road between Matagalpa and Jinotega.

Caption of last photo reads:  "Matagalpa-Jinotega road, looking Southwest, 20 miles from Matagalpa.  The road can be seen in lower left hand part of picture represented by the faint white line."

Photo Cluster USNA1-3.2.   Coyol-Hill and the Matagalpa-Jinotega road.

On rear:  "Approach to Coyol-Hill looking west, showing stone revetment."

On rear:  "14 miles from Matagalpa looking South. There is no dirt on this road, it being of bed rock."

On rear:  "Condition of road approaching Jinotega, on Matagalpa-Jinotega Road."

Photo Cluster USNA1-3.3.   Matagalpa.

Four photos of Matagalpa, taken from the surrounding hills.

Photo USNA1-3.4.   Jinotega plaza.

On rear:  "Jinotega - Nicaragua, Plaza along main street showing wall of stone and mortar."

Photo USNA1-3.5.   Jinotega plaza with children.

On rear:  "Jinotega - Nicaragua. Plaza.  Hills in background are to West of town, Terrain on all sides of town except to Northwest is of this same character."

Photo USNA1-3.6.   Jinotega landing field with bullcart and laborer.

On rear:  "Bull-cart or Ox-cart or Bullee-cart which is hauling dirt to fill up holes in the landing field.  Maybe the mud shows, for it is everywhere."  Also labeled "Landing Field at Jinotega."  No date, ca. 1929.

Photo Cluster USNA1-3.7.   Bridge on León road.

Identified as "bridge on León road."  Where?  On the way to Somotillo?  Another illustration of the country's rudimentary transport infrastructure, one the Marines and Guardia wanted to and did improve.

Photo USNA1-3.8.   Residential street near Corinto along the coast.

Labeled "residential street" in the photo album, with an inscription (lower left) that seems to read "Calle de Corinto," which might have been a posh residential zone on the outskirts of Corinto along the beachfront; several other photos in the collection (which are not included here) show what look like vacation homes near the Pacific Coast, perhaps where Marine officers went on R&R.

Photo USNA1-3.9.   National Palace, Managua.

Caption reads:  "Palacio Nacional where Congress met."

Photo USNA1-3.10.   Fuertecito on the Río San Juan.

Caption reads: "El Fuertecito (small fort), name furnished by Carlos Bravo Secretary of General Moncada.  Built by Spaniards in 1523 according to Bravo.  This picture shows only the walls, all that remains of the fort.  From them the present long dock for the S.S. Victoria extends (built by Pusey about 1872) and brought into lake via San Juan River before earthquake shallowed river.  Officers in this picture are Captain H. M. H. Fleming, Captain Edward C. Burwell (in command of Guardia Nacional here), Captain Robert Kilmaryin and Major 'E'."

Photo USNA1-3.11.   Iglesia Vera Cruz Ruins, Río San Juan.

Caption reads: "Ruins de la Iglesia de Vera Cruz. Very old ruins of an ancient church. It was destroyed during a war between Salvador and Nicaragua in 1844. The trees that are noted growing out of the runs walls are called Matapalo by the Natives."  José Mejía Lacayo offers the following correction to this caption: "Morel de Santa Cruz listed the churches in Managua in 1751: «Las iglesias de Veracruz, San Miguel, San Mateo y San Sebastián, hállanse repartidas por el pueblo y son de la misma fábrica que la parroquial». José María Valle (aka Chelón) and Bernabé Somoza laid siege and took Managua in 1845, as part of Malespín's war or 1844 war."

Photo USNA1-3.12.   Granada street scene.

Caption reads: "18-1.  Practically the same as 17-12.  2 Officers in picture. (Granada scene)."  Coding system unknown.

Photo USNA1-3.13.   Marines posing at Granada monument.

Caption reads:  "Monument at Granada with Marines sitting in front of it.  On the monument are the words:  'Granada a las Glorias de 1821'.  Also 'Honor a los Heroes de 1821'.  4 Marines are shown also."

Photo USNA1-3.14.   Chinandega's destruction, February 1927.

No caption.  Probably Chinandega after the battle of February 1927 at the height of the Civil War.

Photo Cluster USNA1-3.15.   Managua earthquake of March 31, 1931.

"Managua from the Cathedral, March 31, 1931".

No caption (1931 Managua earthquake).

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