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Photo USNA1-5.1.   Prisoner Leonardo González.

Caption reads:  "This is the man whose picture is shown in the anti-American propaganda [---] as standing against the wall about to be shot."  The scrapbook page reads:  "Writing on the back of this photograph:  Leonardo Gonzales wounded in Guillen's contact of June 24 June 1930 at La Montaña de los Gilgueros.  Died from a result Gangrene, from wounds, in hospital in Matagalpa. J.C.S. [GN Colonel Julian C. Smith]."  It looks like this guy was beaten to a pulp in prison and left to die of his festering wounds.

Photo USNA1-5.2.   Decapitated Sandinista heads on a blanket.  

As seen in the full image ( ), the photograph is taped to a piece of paper on which is typewritten:

 The same three decapitated heads appear in the next photograph (Photo 59).


Photo USNA1-5.3.   Lt. Guillén, GN, with decapitated Sandinista heads.   

Writing on upper left-hand corner of photo:  "3 victimas de los bandoleros Matagalpa agosto 1930."  Writing on the scrapbook page as follows:  "Writing on reverse of the above photograph:  'Given to me in Jinotega.  The note in the corner was there when the picture was given to me.  Signed J. C. S. [GN Col. Julian C. Smith].  Meza-Herrera and Mendoza, bandits killed by Guillen 24 June 1930'."

Photo USNA1-5.4.  Matagalpa Guardia garrison.

Caption:  "Matagalpa - Nicaragua Cuartel and Municipal building, Two story part occupied by Municipal Committee.  The wall in front of the Cuartel is of stone and mortar.  It has a thickness of 18 inches.  Along the front there are twenty loop holes and on the northern end (left looking at at) there are six loop holes."

Photo Cluster USNA1-5.5.   Sandino's destroyed cooperative at Wiwilí, ca. Feb. 25, 1934.

Caption:  "Wiwili."

No caption, no date, but accompanying the others in this series.

No caption or date but accompanying the others in this series.

Writing on the photo immediately above reads:  "#1 - Col. Rigoberto Reyes. #2 - Capt. Leo Salazar - Wiwili." 

These five photos present something of a puzzle, because the destruction and occupation of Sandino's cooperative at Wiwilí took place in the days and weeks after Sandino's assassination in Managua on February 21, 1934, by which time the Marines had been gone from Nicaragua for more than a year.  How, then, did these photos get into the US National Archives?  Unknown, but clearly they were taken after the Guardia's destruction & occupation of the cooperative.

Photo Cluster USNA1-5.7.   Marine expedition across river.

No caption.  Clearly taken from muleback.  What river is this?  The Río Grande in Chinandega?  This and the next two photos were found together in the archive box and appear to have been taken the same day and to depict the same river crossing.

Evidently after they'd crossed.

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