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#71-80 of 179 STATE DEPT PHOTOS

Photo USNA2-12.1    State Dept Photo No. 71.    A ballot box in transit.


Photo USNA2-12.2.    State Dept Photo No. 72.   General McCoy (with pipe) and Lieut. Colonel Gordon Johnston, USA (putting on coat), at Managua air field after inspection trip by plane to Atlanic coast.


Photo USNA2-12.3.    State Dept Photo No. 73.   Same (Capt. "Wop" Howard, USMC, pilot, in center with General McCoy).


Photo USNA2-12.4.    State Dept Photo No. 74.   Pen and ink sketch of voting booth, Tisma precinct, Department of Masaya, by Corporal Otto Vonohr, USMC, precinct chairman.


Photo USNA2-12.5.     State Dept Photo No. 75.   Election Day (Nov. 4), Managua. President Díaz arrives at voting booth, escorted by Major Willian R. Shutan, USA (in civilian dress at right), department chairman.


Photo USNA2-12.6.    State Dept Photo No. 76.   President Díaz dips his fingers in stain before voting.


Photo USNA2-12.7.    State Dept Photo No. 77.   General Moncada (in grey suit), Dr. Aguado and Major Shutan at his left, arrive at No. 1 voting booth, Managua, Nov. 4.


Photo USNA2-12.8.    State Dept Photo No. 78.   General Moncada receives his ballot.


Photo USNA2-12.9.    State Dept Photo No. 79.   General Moncada and Dr. Aguado leaving the polls.

José María Moncada  Enoc Aguado 


Photo USNA2-12.10.    State Dept Photo No. 80.   A voter casts his ballot, Managua.



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