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#141-150 of 179 STATE DEPT PHOTOS

Photo USNA2-19.1.   State Dept Photo No. 141.   Major Howard Eager, USA (center), department chairman, Chontales, and Board  (missing).

Photo missing & awaiting a return visit to USNA2.

Photo USNA2-19.2.   State Dept Photo No. 142.   Alcaldía, Juigalpa (Chontales), Marine detachment and office of department board.


Photo USNA2-19.3.   State Dept Photo No. 143.   Jinotega - department board, Major Robert L. Christian, USA (center), chairman.


Photo USNA2-19.4.   State Dept Photo No. 144.   Matagalpa - Major John. B. Coulter, USA (center) chairman department board, and two Ensigns (assistants).


Photo USNA2-19.5.   State Dept Photo No. 145.   Matagalpa - department board session.


Photo USNA2-19.6.   State Dept Photo No. 146.   Nicaraguan boy captured from Sandino force during fight at Ocotal - now assistant to Captain Darnell, G.N., Masaya.


Photo USNA2-19.7.   State Dept Photo No. 147.   Precinct chairman leaves Masaya with ballot box, etc. for Laguna.


Photo USNA2-19.8.   State Dept Photo No. 148.   Masaya church.


Photo USNA2-19.9.   State Dept Photo No. 149.   Returning with ballots to Masaya from Los Altos precinct, Nov. 5, 1928.


Photo USNA2-19.10.   State Dept Photo No. 150.   Masaya - precinct Palo Blanco, voting ends.


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