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#131-140 of 179 STATE DEPT PHOTOS

Photo USNA2-18.1.    State Dept Photo No. 131.    León - General Somoza, Jefe Político.


Anastasio Somoza García, Jefe Político of León 

Photo USNA2-18.2.   State Dept Photo No. 132.    León - Col. O. E. Hunt, chairman, gives final instructions to precinct chairmen.


Photo USNA2-18.3.   State Dept Photo No. 133.    Bluejackets fight Marines - sham battle, León.


Photo USNA2-18.4.   State Dept Photo No. 134.    Baseball scoreboard, Marines vs. Nicaraguans, León.


Photo USNA2-18.5.   State Dept Photo No. 135.    Bluejacket battalion entrains at Corinto for León.


Photo USNA2-18.6.   State Dept Photo No. 136.    Marine Detachment, USS MISSISSIPPI, leaves León for northern hills to protect voters.


Photo USNA2-18.7.   State Dept Photo No. 137.    Col. Ora E. Hunt, department chairman, León.


Photo USNA2-18.8.   State Dept Photo No. 138.    General Felipe Flores, Liberal chief, in front of No. 6 precinct, León  (photo missing).

Sadly, this photo is missing from the collection, as are the next three.

Photo USNA2-18.9.   State Dept Photo No. 139.    Col. C. C. Smith, USA, Ret. (center), department chairman, Granada, and Board  (photo missing).

Photo missing & awaiting further digging in the archives.

Photo USNA2-18.10.   State Dept Photo No. 140.    Captain Loyd V. H. Durfee, USA (second from left), department chairman, Chinandega, and Board  (photo missing).

Photo missing.


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